Holy heat, Batman!

There are few things that put me off hiking, but right up there at the #1 spot is humidity.

I’m glad to be home and not on the trail having to hike through the dense “green tunnel” that is Virginia in this heat, it’s brutal – and I understand that it’s been raining down there a lot, too.

I miss my friends and the hike in general, but this weather… nope.

3 thoughts on “Holy heat, Batman!

  1. Hi, Jolly! We just had B-Rocket and ChinMusic stay 2 nights with us in Derwood, MD. They even went to our Sunday School class of 3-4-5th graders to share their hiking experience with them. We were actually doing a lesson on the AT, “Experiencing God through Nature”.

    When we dropped them back at Harpers Ferry, we picked up Janes (Engineer) and Kevin (Agent Orange) who are from Germany and with whom we shared the shelter at Spence Field when we hiked the Smokies. They’re staying with us for a week to visit DC before they finish their last two weeks on the trail. Do you remember meeting them?

    Enjoy your time home. We usually just do AT hiking in the fall and spring as I have difficulty in really hot and humid weather, too.

    Love and Peace

  2. Agent Orange,City Slicker, Animal, Day Pack, Cruese &Corndog, Happy Trail, Beet’e Juice, Jungle Juice, Candy Pants, And so many more looking to see if you made it

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