Day 4 of recovery

I’ve slept like a rock for the last four nights, my dreams taking me back to the trail each time.

My ankle, although still sore, is getting better each day.  There’s not as much swelling as the day prior, and I’m getting into a pretty good routine of rest and elevation.  I’ve also not taken any ibuprofen at all – doctor’s orders.  Tylenol instead, and maybe just a couple per day.

I managed to get through all the DVR’d shows that had recorded over the last four weeks which included Game of Thrones, Top Gear, The Walking Dead, and The Following.

I love being home with my wife.  It feels a little strange at times, and I know she’s also going through her own stuff with me having been gone for a month and returning.  The 500lb gorilla in the room recently is whether I’ll be returning to the AT once my feet are mended.  Honestly, I’d love to – I feel a little lost out here, and I don’t mean that in a negative way at all.  Being on the AT felt like I was walking to something greater, and not even Katahdin.  Just the everyday hike with friends was a path to a new me, a me with a stronger mindset on completion. Given I was essentially forced off the trail and not of my own accord, I feel I have unfinished business.

Clearly it’s not a decision I’ll be making overnight, and it’s something I’d like to discuss with the missus – I would still want her blessing.

For now, though, I’ll rest and enjoy my lazy time with my beloved.  We had taco night last night and it was every bit as indulgent as I’d remembered.  Epic!

I received two text messages this morning: one from Bucketlist (Mike, Dan’s very close friend who hiked the Smokies with us) wishing me well, and another from Captain Dan saying that he’d gotten word from Tie Dye of my prognosis and hoped I’m doing ok.  I do miss Danny, he’s a good man.  A friend for life.

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