Lieutenant Dan

Waking this morning in my bed was, in a word, luxurious.

I woke up in the same position I’d fallen asleep in and I’d slept very hard indeed. I think it may have been the best night of sleep I’ve had in one month.

Anyway, I turned on the TV and Airplane was playing, so I opened the guide and Forrest Gump was on the next channel up – click!

Like a message from the trail or some crazy twist of serendipity, it was at the exact scene where Lieutenant Dan arrives at Forrest’s house for his wedding to Jenny. Forrest looks Lt. Dan up and down as he notices he’s walking, and pronounces “Lieutenant Dan! Lieutenant Dan… he got new legs.”

We used to joke around a lot with Captain Dan and his knee injury/ies and oftentimes we’d shout out, ” Lieutenant Dan needs new knees!”, and there’d be rapturous laughter throughout the group. Even in trail towns we would keep up the joke.

I dreamed I was hiking most of last night; I don’t know where I was or with whom, but I was outside on a trail – and I felt at peace.

I miss Captain Dan, I miss him a great deal. I hope I see him again.



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