There’s nothing like hiking in diagonal rain (250.6m)

Spoke to my honey at 7:00am, just as she was waking. I got to watch her morning routine as she washed her face and brushed her teeth, all the while trying to keep talking. Funny.

I hit the trail at Davenport Gap at 8:50am and I was instantly winded. The two days off trail had slowed me down considerably. I felt weak and breathy, I couldn’t find my rhythm at all. To make matters worse it was hot and humid. Sweat was pouring down the sides of my face just ten minutes in – good lord.

I was meeting the crew at the I-40 overpass and they arrived about 20 minutes after me; I’d hiked the 1.6 miles or so to meet where they’d been picked up the night they got off trail two days ago.

It was uphill for 5 miles, and oh man was it tough. Hot, humid, and steep.

The rain came about 2 hours in and it poured; the temps dropped rapidly as the sky became dark grey, I was going to get soaked. Rain jacket donned, I pressed on through the storm. Rain shot diagonally and it stung my face and hands. A little over an hour later it stopped, the sun came out, and it was warm again. I stopped to dry my clothes and shoes for a while, then continued to climb.

We got to Brown Gap around 4:00pm and I set up my hammock – I was beside myself with excitement about going to bed!

Dinner of a Pasta Side with cheese and bacon macaroni with some sriracha wrapped inside tortillas tasted like a 4 star meal.

It’s now 7:39pm and still light out, heck, the birds are still chirping in the trees above my head.

I can hear Tie Dye snoring from 100′ feet away, lol.

Hoping for a good night of sleep. Bear bag hung and I’m finishing this last paragraph, I’m tired. I couldn’t get any cell service here which is both annoying and ironic given my “out of the Smokies” comment earlier. I hate it when I can’t call or text home, I hope she doesn’t think I’m not trying – I walked about 1/8 mile down the gravel road earlier to see if I could get a better signal. No dice, bollocks.

Completed 250 miles today.

Jolly out.







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  1. Hi, Jolly! Glad to hear you took the time you needed to rest and are back on the trail. Have a wonderful hike!

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