Views, loos, and an ankle bruise (230.1m)

A freezing morning and I crawled out of my bag; I’d not slept very well and I felt like hell. Apparently I’d been snoring, which I’m not surprised given my throat was so dry through the night.

Hot oatmeal and a coffee, I managed to shake off the cobwebs and we hit the trail. Plenty of hills which lasted for a few hours, then we skirted Mt. Guyot which had us at 6,330′, it was cold up there. The views were incredible, and at one point we could see Clingmans Dome in the distance. We stopped for lunch at a warm grassy clearing with a view. Shortly after we passed the plane wreckage which has become a trail celebrity of sorts.

From there it was downhill and some flat, which is where I rolled my goddamn ankle, for the fourth time. It hurt, and I hobbled for a good two minutes. I figured this was a good time to take a seat and call the wifey. I got a signal and we chatted which was really comforting – so good to hear her voice, I’ve really missed her. I also called her dad who is celebrating his birthday today.

Thankfully I wasn’t too far from Crosby Knob Shelter where I saw Sparky. I got water and made dinner; Mountain House spaghetti in meat sauce, and wrapped in fresh tortillas – delicious. I used the privy here which for the uninitiated is a basic three walled hut with a raised toilet like structure and a seat. Underneath is nothing but the previous occupants’ “doings”. Lovely. Well, it beats going behind a tree.

It’s 8:14pm and Davenport Gap is only 7 miles away. I’m getting off the trail tomorrow to have my ankle looked at and will likely take a couple of days off to rest it; it’s not smart to keep walking now having rolled it four freaking times. I’m so pissed that I’m going to be another two days behind my hiking buds.

I’ll make some decisions tomorrow, maybe one that will take me off the trail for good.













8 thoughts on “Views, loos, and an ankle bruise (230.1m)

    • Wrapping the left and right one tonight and all day tomorrow. Will ice on and off all day tomorrow too.

      I’ll keep you posted.

  1. Come on Jolly you can do it. Can you wrap your ankle. I enjoy reading your blog knowing that my daughter has seen the same things a few days before you… Don’t quit…

    • Hi Delores, and thank you for commenting.

      I miss hiking with your daughter, she’s an incredible hiker and has a hilarious sense of humor.

      I bought some ankle supports today and taking a rest day in Newport tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.


  2. Hi, Jolly! It was great meeting you and giving you a ride to Gatlinburg. Hope your ankle gets well and stays strong for the rest of the hike. Don’t forget to let us know if you want a ride to the DC area when you get near Harpers Ferry, WVA.

    By the way, do you have the contact information for B Rocket (aka Quick Change). I tried searching for Barbara 13 on trailjournals and couldn’t find her under Barbara or any other name.

  3. Also, I’m impressed with the great pictures you took. Mine didn’t come anywhere close to the magnificent scenery you show in yours.

    • Thanks!

      I can’t do with my iPhone what I can achieve with my Nikon D3x DSLR, but I’ve been shooting for a few years professionally back in the “real world”.


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