Echoes in the mountains: Gatlinburg to Pecks Corner (217.2m)

Winding up highway 441 by way of the very generous Griztrax, we arrived at Indian Gap Road and said our farewells to Dave. Picking up my trekking poles off the ground I out my arse through my shorts – great start!

Uphill and over the the first hill and down the other side, another gentle incline and we reached Newfound Gap. The area was teeming with tourists and hikers, and the clouds started to burn off the mountains to reveal a spectacular vista. For the next few viewpoints we each took turns at shouting into the valleys below to see if we could score an echo: we did just that. I took some video, it was pretty epic. We took some more shots and off we went, another massive uphill.

Uphill another 1,000′ and we hit Icewater Spring Shelter. Quick bite to eat and back on the trail, downhill and then leveled off for the next mile or so. Up and over a view where we snapped some more, then downhill to Pecks Corner Shelter. B Rocket parted ways with St. Croix and I as she needed to hike another 5.5 miles to be able to get to Davenport Gap on Sunday to meet her mom. We said our goodbyes and we watched her head down the trail on her own.

St. Croix and I walked the 0.4 miles down to the shelter, fed, and then hit the sack early; it was about 7:30-8:00pm when we turned in. The sun had dipped and the temps dropped fast.

I was out like a light. 20130413-194155.jpg20130413-194126.jpg















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