Cabin in the Woods, zero day

After the battered knees and swollen left ankle, I felt it prudent to zero in Stecoah Valley, specifically at the Cabin in the Woods. Cap insisted on sleeping outside on the porch sofa, claiming he’d have a sound night of sleep. I made sure I took a pic of him in the morning; it had dropped to 28°F.


Tie Dye, Cap, and I had a relaxing day which was kicked off with an excellent breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy, bacon and eggs – thank you so much, Donna!


Donna dropped us off at Fontana around lunch and we grabbed a burger and some wings, whilst also resupplying for our five days through the Smokies day after tomorrow. We took a walk around the Lodge as we have a room booked for tomorrow evening.

The evening was a quiet one with dinner at Stecoah Diner down the road from the cabin; good Southern grub and Donna treated me to a cold bottle of Guinness when we got back home.

We’re packed and ready to go back on the trail tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods, zero day

  1. SO thankful your mom Christine is sharing your link & your journey with us (her friends in the box). Looking forward to more posts. Good luck on your travels and good health along the way. I have driven through the Smokeys but I can’t imagine the vistas and beauty you will get to see.
    Much sunshine and safe travels. regain

  2. Just to let you know I am enjoying reading all about your journey and looking at your photos. Take care. Love from Aunty Sue xx

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