Forward to Franklin (109.8m)

Getting up this morning was a drag, and only the thought of 3.7 miles to Winding Stairway Gap dragged my butt up and up the next huffer to get me to the end.

After descending to the parking lot next to US 64, I met up with Yank, Goober and a few others, and we all received a little trail magic from a local lady – beers, cookies, and other goodies. A short while later a free shuttle bus arrived and drove us into Franklin.

I walked to the Microtel hotel with Goober and Mellow Johnny, checked in and dropped off my pack. Stinking like garbage, we walked across the street to Shoney’s for some human food. It was a double bacon cheeseburger for me with a side of onion rings, and a couple of diet Pepsis.

With a full belly and a weary head, I’m sat on my bed updating my blog as I occasionally glance up at the TV watching Coming To America. I’m tired, miss home, and I’m taking a zero tomorrow so I can have my tent shipped out for a Tuesday delivery. I’m hoping to get back on the trail for a nero on Tuesday; it will be the first time hiking without Olive and Tie Dye – weird.

I hope to speak with my darling wife tonight before I go I sleep; my regular phone conversations with her are oftentimes the sole reason I don’t give up.

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