Zero day #1

Woke up to a pretty crappy weather front that had made its way through Georgia during the night, so [newly-named] Tie Dye and I decided to take a zero (a day of no hiking miles) at the cabin we’d snagged the night before. Obie and Turtle decided that they’d face the rain, and after we got back our clean clothes from George — one half of the lovely couple that runs the Blood Mountain Cabins — they packed up and headed out. I think they’re trying to make it to Low Gap by tonight, and we made soft arrangements to meet in Hiawaassee.

After seeing them off I bumped into Scootini and Olive Oil inside the outfitters; Scootini had mentioned yesterday that she, too, would take a zero if the weather turned sour, so she took the third space in the cabin (they hold four each, max). Olive Oil definitely wanted the fourth spot. Cool, full house again with friends.

It’s 12:45pm on a rainy and cold Saturday March 23, and I’m sat in my hiking shorts and my new AT t-shirt watching Chasing Amy.

Got to speak to my better half this morning at least — big smile on my face and a huge shout out to my honey!

(edit) Tie Dye just came back from the store with the news that there’s a tornado warning in effect for tomorrow… Damn. I was not planning on taking a zero this soon into my thru-hike, never mind two days.

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