What’s in a name?

For a couple of days people would refer to me as Frodo; I’m hiking with my wedding ring around my neck, so I guess it made sense; like some hardy Hobbitses making their way to Mount Doom (Katahdin) with his very own Fellowship. After a while, though, it started to sound creepy. And it didn’t feel right to me when people called me Frodo, it just wasn’t “me”.

All that ended during my very enjoyable Blood Mountain ascent yesterday with Scootini, and I wanted my old (and first) trail name back: Jolly. I was so happy all day and motivated to hike more and stay on the trail.

I started down Springer on the 20th with a large bag of Jolly Ranchers and handed them out to other thru’ers I met along the way; it caught on pretty quickly, but was replaced with Frodo.

Yesterday I decided that given how happy and positively motivated I feel right now, Jolly was a far more fitting name.

So everyone I’ve met this far — and most of the staff at Neel Gap — now know me as Jolly.

I like it, it’s a jolly good trail name :)

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