The trials

There are many physical obstacles ahead of me; mountains, fatigue, storms, hunger, rattle snakes, and bears. But nothing can measure up to the emotional pressure of being on my own for the better part of half a year.

I picked up a copy of Appalachian Trials by Zach “The Good Badger” Davis recently, and his journey was one of both immense physical turpitude, and a test of his mental and emotional fortitude; a journey that hits home the most with each turn of the page. In the sea of AT books on the market — and of the ones I have read — Zach’s account is by far the hardest hitting.

I’m certain that I will face my own trials once I am knee deep into this journey, but it’s humbling to realize that I am experiencing these tough pre-Springer trials already. Making this decision and living with myself as a result, is a real test of the strength of the life I’m about to leave behind in the name of finding a better me.

My trials have already begun.

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