Walking towards a better me

The Appalachian Trail, the “AT”.

The length of the AT can change from year to year, being somewhere between 2,172 and 2,180 miles long (the trail is constantly being modified due to zoning, weather, etc), stretching from Springer Mountain in Georgia, to Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Around 2,000 hikers from around the world attempt to thru-hike the AT — hiking the entire trail in one season — and, according to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, only 20-25% actually succeed.  Injury, illness, and the emotional drain are why many acquiesce to the strains of the trail.

Trail life isn’t for everybody; there are no luxury ablutions, no electrical outlets in the trees, no diners or ATMs.  Living in tents and hammocks, hikers will spend night after night in the wild, oftentimes eating carb and fat-heavy foods such as chocolate, nuts, breads and more – I’ve even read many choose to carry (although not a lightweight choice) jars of Nutella spread for it’s heavy fat and sugar content.  Looks like a new food group will be joining me, then.

I plan on standing atop Springer Mountain in mid-March.  A journey that I feel is the right time for me.  I will be leaving my nine-year career as a Vice President with a top New York City recruiting firm on January 31st to follow another path; one of discovery.  A journey inwards.

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